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Boardman Team Carbon

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* Lower groupset than many others in this price point



Boardman has scored with its degree aluminium Road Sport Here in the Boardman Team Carbon and Cycling Weekly is no exception — an framework set at a price that is fantastic.

It’s a fantastic bike to get a 1000, permitting buyers to acquire a carbon framework that is decent rather than opting for the ocean of aluminium. That isn’t to say that metal is not a great option Specialized Allez Elite such as is a bike for the price.

Length: Boardman Team Carbon

The framework is the C7 carbon — Boardman carbon supply of Boardman — using a geometry. Compared with the Endurance SLR, Boardman utilizes its centre of the road carbon, something carbon. It includes a carbon fork with steerer.

Carbon framework at a low price point is Wonderful

The C7 framework consists T700 fibres and can be layered up to hit the balance that is ideal. Boardman state that this framework supplies ‘unparalleled power transport, comfort and managing’ and also for the most part I agree with this statement (for the cost).

The headtube is 15mm taller than its SLR race motorcycle, with the heap less than gap although the Boardman Team Carbon is a situpandbeg.

This will please people that are put off from the tag that is endurance and also means you need to have the ability to locate a great riding position if you’d like to go low or chuck to find somewhat higher in the front.

Boardman has played with it smart like equipment cabling, with sides of the framework. It keeps prices down and creates service life though maybe not the prettiest pitched alongside internally routed gearing.

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The spec is of a standard that is lesser than we have discovered around this price point on bicycles. They are aluminum frame sets in comparison to the Boardman Team Carbon here’s carbon.

This spec’s part are theMavic appear to have bend and also roll wheel. They do not allow the framework put down but.

There is A lower groupset available here

Although, the actual let down here are theTektro R540 Pivot calliper brakes. They don’t work. In the very least that the brakes are constant just poor. I expect that firms spend a bit extra to provide a confidence in that region.

Like I state the team set is a little lower than anticipated Shimano 105, at this price point Would have been chosen but I know this to find the bike point economies necessary to be made. If elegant, the gearing functions, and the gearing has been spot on with this particular model. 50/34 x 11/28 was lots for the form of terrain round south west and south west west east London.


The Boardman Team Carbon is a ride, in spite of all the CXPElite wheels. It manages its 8.56kg pounds nicely and managed never to feel as a lump upward climbs.

I would say that this demonstrates that Boardman has done a wonderful job with its carbon, that has managed to get stiffness in which it matters.

There’s a lot of a zip when you and your mates need to press on, so that the bicycle is pleasurable. I’ve been pleasantly surprised although there are limits with the wheelset.

The information I have been crying for years has been ‘do not purchase carbon that is affordable, buy aluminum’ but I believe Boardman is the exception to this principle. It rides.

Length looks fantastic

You spend a long time it’s an ‘endurance’ bike. In the event that you have special requirements in that section, it will not beat you up, limits street buzz but the entrance level saddle could use a swop out. Itcan do with a little more cushioning and’s somewhat harsh.

Boardman has limited its dimensions range to extralarge. This will cover riders wants however there is a compromise unavoidable. Is you are smaller than a 5’8/9 you could fight to swing a leg over this bicycle.

Frustratingly lots of my rides spent with means of a gear cable extend, which will be to no matter these bicycles, Boardman’s or anybody else hampered this bicycle — but something. An easy modification of this barrel on the mech piled jump and the click of those gears over the first couple of rides.


The frameset is fantastic. For your 1000 to find a carbon framework that is decent is unheard of at supplying it at the 25, and Boardman has done an awesome job. They made the option to go wires that are outdoors together with the equipment, it makes servicing easier and reduces costs.

On the other hand, the Shimano Tiagra groupset (levers and rear mech) is a pity, the wheels much more so! The wheels did a good job and it seems just like Boardman where’s the spot functionality and has believed about where to save the cash.

Boardman understand how to make entry level bikes and this isn’t an exception to this rule. It is light seems balanced and seems quality. The other hand is that the groupset and it’s clear that this is really where a saving has been made by Boardman.

Boardman C7 carbon

Boardman C7 carbon

FSA Gossamer

Shimano Tiagra

Tektro R540 Double Pivot Calliper Brakes

Mavic CXPElite 28/32 Hole

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x25c

Boardman Road saddle

Boardman Alloy

Boardman Alloy

Boardman Alloy